Special Needs Workshops

We organize two workshops a year directed to special needs students, as we believe they are a talented segment of the society that can engage in media arts and learn new skills.

Equine Photography for Special Needs
Date:To be Announced

This workshop is especially tailored for special needs kids. Children will be introduced to basic photography, take photos of horses, and end the session with a horse ride.

We believe that combining photography & therapy riding would be a great combination to get the kids involved, try a new hobby, and be therapeutic at the same time. Workshop will be held in collaboration with Awladouna Center and Sharjah Equestrian & Racing club.

Scanography for Special Needs
Date: To be Announced

Scanography workshop will be held again for the Special Needs, where they will learn how to take photos and artworks using the scanner. The aim of this activity is to engage the students to try a new art skill, increase their attention and could address their motor skills. Registration will open in April.