FUNN – Sharjah Media Arts for Youth and Children launched its own production unit in 2013. FUNN selects the most phenomenal books and short stories by Emarati authors for young readers, and transform them into series and films to proudly put Emarati talent in the spotlight across the planet. FUNN will launch FUNN Tales, which are short stories for children and produce mini-series for youth and young adults. The stories and authors are chosen based on their ability to view the world in refreshing new ways, capturing the imagination of a young audience locally, regionally and internationally.


One of the highlights of FUNN Tales will be the production of a television series based on a science fiction series written by Noura Al Noman entitled Ajwan. FUNN has been working to encourage a wider imagination and the adaptation of global themes to local cultures, bringing the superhero framework into the world of our own children here in the UAE.


Our projects:


We are working on creating an animated series based on the UAE’s first Arabic sci-fi novel “Ajwan” by the emirate writer “Noura Al Noman”.