This award is in collaboration with Fatima Bint Hazza Foundation, it aims to deliver the significance of illustration to students and to encourage a distinguished artistic expression to contribute to the UAE young artistic creative production. The illustration award is open to the following age groups: (8 – 10 years old) (11 – 13 years old) (14- 18 years old).

The participation is completed by submitting a mood board to one of the stories available here: Tale of the lion, Secret of happiness, The hunting trip.

How to participate:
-You can fill the participation form here & then e-mail it to
-No mood board is accepted without filling the participation form
-Only entries that meet the requirements are accepted Last date to receive participations is 7 pm 30th of January 2015 Tuesday.

Participations are also accepted at this email address: in the form of JPEG. Submitted entries are evaluated by a committee of three members and a ceremony for announcing the winners will be held in December. Details will be announced.