January 2018

FUNNtastic Winter Camp 2018

FUNNtastic this winter will be an Animation Camp,
designed specifically for the people of determination
(special needs kids).
Throughout 1 week, the kids will create animated clay
movies and engage in daily competitions and

Registration is only for Special Needs students.


3 day stop motion animation workshop where
students will imagine create and animate using clay,
cartoon, and candy.

February 2018


City Scape & Light trials Photography workshop in
collaboration with Arab photographers’ union.

Film Editing

After Shooting your film comes editing! A very
important part, which will be the topic of this
workshop, where the students will learn everything
related to editing their movie, trimming and adding
scenes, adding sounds effects, & credits etc.

March 2018

Photography story

The topic of this workshop is photography for
communication, students will explore and practice
telling a story through a collection of photographs.

FUNNtastic Spring Camp

FUNNtastic this Spring will be a Film Camp, an
intensive program which will include workshops on all
integral segments of film making, from story boarding
and scripts to editing.

The 2 weeks camp will include competitions and
activities that engage fun and learning.

Out of all entries, 20 students will be nominated by the
trainers of the camp to participate.

April 2018

Color Photography

Each student will Pick a color theme for learn how
to take photos that are looks and feels like the
chosen color.

Post it Story!.

An animation stop motion workshop where
students will use only post its and creativity to
make a story.

May 2018

Scanography poster design

A creative approach to photography, Scanography is
taking pictures using Scanner.

Students will be learning the scenography techniques,
as well as editing the pictures taken

June 2018

Light painting for the people of determination

A special workshop for special needs kids, where they
will learn and practice the light painting photography.

July 2018

Funntastic Summer Camp

FUNNtastic this Summer will be a Design camp,
which will hold various digital arts and design
workshops, along with fun treasure hunt games and

October – November 2018

Sharjah International Children’s Film Festival 2018

FUNN Organizes around 60 workshops and activity during SICFF, and displays the best students work at FAME exhibition, and best films will be screened during the festival.

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